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The unique location of Arbanasi in a region with rich historical heritage and beautiful nature offer many opportunities for leisure.

During their stay at Park Hotel Arbanassi have at least the following options:

  • Walk in the architectural reserve Arbanassi
  • Walk around the old town of Veliko Tarnovo “Samovodska bazaar”
  • Visit the castle on the hill “Tsarevets”;
  • Visit the hills “Trapezitsa” and “Holy Mountain”;
  • Experience the unique spectacle “Sound and Light” and panoramic hotel bar;
  • Visit Kilifarevo Monastery (20 km);
  • Visit the Ivanovo Monastery (3 km);
  • Visit Lyaskovski Monastery with unique views of the valley Gornooryahovski;;
  • Visit the Revival mountain town of Elena (30 km)
  • Consideration of the ancient Roman city of “Nicopolis ad Istrum”;
  • Visit the “Transfiguration” monastery;
  • Visit the “patriarchal” monastery;
  • Visit the “Arbanassi” monastery.

Miracle “God’s Mother” in Arbanassi

Young and old came to Arbansi to pray before the miraculous icon “of God’s Mother”, which is stored in the monastery “St. Assumption. ”

The icon is studded with silver. Legend has it that after the fall of Tsarevets by the Turks, the nuns left the monastery. Before you leave, they dug into the earth icon.

One hundred years later it was discovered by a pastirche. While led the flock to pasture, heard the boy crying from beneath the ground. Quick stooped and began to dig. So find the icon. They called it “Weeping Icon.”

It is believed that the icon “of God’s Mother” has healing powers. Incurable – recover, and childless women – pregnant.

Many legends have the miracles that icon does. People believe in the power of the icon and say that most miracles happen in the day of the monastery patron saint’s day – 15 August Virgin Mary.

There are testimonies of people who in 2003 saw how the two hands of Mary overlaid sudden glow. For those who have seen this unusual phenomenon, a miracle happened.

Others have noticed over the altar lies a spooky cloud. People tell how the boy is in coma, regained consciousness after prayer.

Very often pray before the icon women who want to become mothers. They usually stay in the temple on August 15. Pray to Mary to give them offspring. On the morning touch the icon and candle light. Not long after pregnancy. Many people keep their sick children who then recover.

It is believed that the icon has great healing power and miracle. You can light a candle to pray with pure and sincere thoughts, filled with love and appreciation of the heart to the Holy Virgin and get healing.